Review: Armor Wars #1 - Solid first issue

Armor Wars  #1 Review

Grade: 8/10 - Solid set up and interesting themes and characters

Armor Wars does not appear to have much to do with the original Armor Wars this is an original and a little more out there story.  The original Armor Wars dealt with Tony battling groups of villains who were stealing his technology to build their own suits.  The villains were out using the technology to do bad things, and Tony felt both guilt and anger at seeing his technology used to do evil.  The story dealt with themes of nuclear proliferation, technology and invention.  It acted as a thematic counter weight on Tony's invention potential showing that there were costs to inventing powerful new weapons.  I liked the original story, it was heady, political and also extremely applicable to subjects like American Foriegn policy and the military industrialization complex yet told through the colorful world of comics and Iron Man.

What we see in this story seems to be a further exaggeration on the original Armor Wars concept.  Technopolis is a world that would come about without any limits on invention, business, where every idea could be developed in an unrestricted free market.  Thematically this is moving past the idea of a simple invention and into the realm of laws and government effect on society.  Technolopolis is thus meant to be similar to the societies of Galt's Gulch (Atlas Shrugged) or Rapture (Bioshock) on the benefits and costs of an unrestricted capitalistic society but with a heavy Iron Man theme.

The costs and benefits of this kind of society are immediately apparent.  There are huge beautiful but also somewhat cold buildings.  Everyone appears to have an Iron Man Suits which is awesome, but also trapping.  It seems in the world of Techopolis survival without a suit is almost impossible.  It seems Stark actually created the suits to keep people alive, I'm not sure what occurred that made this necessary yet.

The world is also in the beginnings of a secret Corporate civil war between Tony Stark and his brother Arno Stark.  While Arno is up to no good, he has become good at covering his tracks.  Thus allowing him to evade an attack by his brother or by the authorities.  This war seems to be entering a new stage where Arno is almost ready to unveil his initiatives.  There is a mysterious murder of one of the players that threatens the cities power structure and could thrust the entire realm into all out war.

Cool New Characters:
The series shows many characters in a different technoized style.  These including three main standouts:

Peter Gyrich who is galavants around Spyder-Man a technological version of Spider-Man

Rhodey Rhodes who is a techonological enchanced version of Thor and serves as the Grand Marshal of Technopolis.

Arno Stark - Who appears to have a very evil looking Iron Man suit.

I liked this first book it did not have enough space to fully develop its characters and themes but it did successfully introduce them and added a bit of mystery.  It is a solid first book and a very interesting take on a classic Marvel tale.   The mysterious murder of one of super powered denizens also adds a Watchmen styled "Who Done It?" element that will serve the series well going forward.

Secret Wars Tie Ins:
The Story takes place in the Battleworld realm known as Technopolis on the map it is listed as #5.
This is a realm controlled by high tech companies led by Tony Stark, his brother Arno Stark and Wilson Fisk.  Everyone in this realm wears a version of battle armor.

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