Piecing together the ALL NEW ALL DIFFERENT Marvel Universe

Iron Man is heavily featured in the front and center of both promo pictures he is obviously very important to the ALL NEW ALL DIFFERENT Marvel Universe.  I just read through a Marvel transcript featuring Marvel scribe Brian Michael Bendis discussing what he is writing for the upcoming Invincible Iron Man series and why Iron Man will be so important.

Iron Man:
Iron Man is going to have Tony Stark in a brand new super powerful suit.  This series will be written by Brian Michael Bendis.  Invincible Iron Man #1 hits in October!

"Tony is so involved in so many aspects of the Marvel Universe, the least of which is the Avengers. I wanted that felt in the book. Every time I've written Tony, he's been part of a big event or a team. I've had some personally great moments with the character like Civil War: The Confession. I want to get under his skin and feel his place in the Marvel Universe." - Brian Bendis

"I've been trying to talk Brian into doing Iron Man for a long time. There had been a lot of classic Daredevil runs before Brian, but he found new things to say about Matt Murdock. I thought the traits he brought to Daredevil would all be useful when writing Tony Stark. I had this instinct Brian can do something special with Iron Man, but the timing never worked out for years." - Tom Brevoort

"Iron Man is front and center of All-New All-Different Marvel for a reason." - Axel Alonso

"The online response has been overwhelming and beautiful. Tom and I have sat back and watched some really amazing Iron Man runs, including Matt Fraction's seminal run. A lot of amazing stuff has gone on with Tony the last few years, not even counting the movies." - Brian Bendis

About Stark being adopted.  I'm do not have the details on Stark's adoption so someone will need to fill me in.

"Two of my four children are adopted and adoption is a very large part of my comic book life. People are interested in the new family dynamic. I've shied away from writing about it because it felt like a line I didn't want to cross, but Kieron Gillen set me up beautifully here. Tony Stark has a lot of confidence in the world, but there's a quest here to find out who he is and where he came from. We have a suit of armor and a man trying to figure out what he's really made of." - Brian Bendis

Iron Man Villains:
On Iron Man's villains during this series.  First apparently there will be new ones.

"There's a classic Iron Man villain in the first story and a major Marvel Universe player on the last page of issue #1." - Brian Bendis

"What does Tony have and what doesn't he have? The villain bench is not as deep as some of his peers. Not to say he doesn't have good ones, one of which will show up right away. I asked David to show me the villains in his sketchbook, because every artist has them. Villains are a big priority. You won't see them all at once, but over the first year." - Brian Bendis

"There are some brand new tech villains, people who have invented tech way beyond what Tony has. We'll have more mystical villains, something harder for technology to deal with. People with legitimate concerns and different ideas of what the future should be." - Brian Bendis

On Stark's Money:
Another interesting comment in reference to Stark's money:

Senior Editor Ben Morse:
"Tony doesn't have as much $ as he used to post-Secret Wars. Why? You'll find out..."

On Iron Man's new suit:

"When Brian and I first started talking about with Tom, we wanted to make the armor new and fresh, and make it able to adapt to any situation. With slimming it down...technology gets less bulky over time. We wanted it to be sleek. It's opportunity for me and other artists to be creative with a basic design." - David Marquez

On some of Tony's relationships in the series:

"Tony tries to have a grown up relationship with a woman worth pursuing and growing up for." - Brian Bendis

"New supporting cast member who is a major Marvel character." - Brian Bendis

"There will be a new member of the supporting cast who you have seen in other books but not Tony's books. The new A.I. is quite sassy; Tony designed it to challenge him intellectually and morally." - Brian Bendis

 Arno Stark will be in the series confirmed by Bendis.  In reference to Arno Stark, Bendis cryptically commented:
"Yes. There are some things I'm going to be coy about because I don't want to spoil things coming up..." - Brian Bendis

Other Characters in the ALL NEW ALL DIFFERENT Universe:
Marvel has been slowly revealing what characters will exist in its universe post Secret Wars.  Alex Alonso the editor in chief of Marvel has released a few interesting tid bits:

First Wolverine:
There are two Wolverines in this pictures.  The first is X-23 wearing a traditional Wolverine costume.   X-23 is a younger female clone of Logan and retains much of his powers.   The other is an older version of Wolverine typically refered to as Old Man Logan (Great series btw).

I assume this is Matt Murdoch he is in a black suit similar to the Netflix show.

Doctor Strange/Wiccan:

See full preview ALL NEW ALL DIFFERENT Doctor Strange Here! 

Doctor Strange looks different but is still Stephen Strange.  The big news here is that Strange has his own self titled series since 1996!  Boom! 

Hulk is not shown here but Alonso has revealed that new Hulk will not be Bruce Banner.  I think it will be an Amadeus Cho based Hulk instead.

Starlord does not appear to be in Guardians of the Galaxy

The Thing is wearing a Guardians of the Galaxy Uniform

The guy in the picture on fire is the Inhuman Dante not the Human Torch.
Infront of Dante is a green hooded man this is the new version of Karnak
Medusa is also shown in the center

Has a title called Venom Space Knight that looks like a fun space adventure series.

Citizen V:
I have not seen this character in awhile.  The last time is when Zemo pretended to be him as he ran the Thunderbolts.

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Another picture of the All New All Different Marvel universe shows some more characters.

Spider-Men, Women, Girls and Boys:
Spider-Man wise it looks we have three characters.
1) Mile Morales the Ultimate Spider-Man in the black suit
2) Spider-Gwen
3) Someone in the traditional Spider-Man suit but is it Peter Parker?
4) Jessica Drew as Spider-Woman

Spider-Man Series:
Mile Morales is going to be the main Spider-Man in the Marvel universe after Secret Wars.  An older Peter Parker will serves as Miles's mentor. 

Amazing Spider-Man Series:
There is also going to be a Peter Parker that is rich and like a Tony Stark playboy.  He will have a Spider Mobile and go around the world fighting crime.
See the All New All Different Spider-Man!

Jessica Drew will be pregnant!  Not sure what I think about this.

Red Wolf:
Native American Super Hero that I have not seen for a long while.  I believe the last time I remember seeing him was in Civil War at some point.  He also appeared in West Coast Avengers (I think between 5-10).

Thor: is still Jane Foster

Captain America:
Captain America is still Sam Wilson

Steve Rogers:
I think Steve Rogers is the old guy in the SHIELD suit.  He remains old.

I see no changes in the following characters:
Ant-Man - Scott Lang version
Black Panther
Ms Marvel

What else do you see?

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