Meeting John Beatty and his Daredevil Cover

John Beatty's Daredevil Cover

Going into each comic con I tend to think about what I want to get to remember not just the Con but this entire year.  What were the things that stood out.  One of the things that was on my mind this year was the fantastic Daredevil Netflix Series. 

Denver Comic Con - Cosplay, Art and Coverage!
Who is Daredevil?

John has done a lot of work over the years Captain America, Punisher, Venom and he even did the art of the original Secret Wars series.  The new Secret Wars series is blowing up at Marvel right now but John worked on the original one, any kid at the time knows this series it was huge.  One of the big things that came out of it is Spider-Man's black suit.   One cover I saw him work on was a Venom sketch on a Secret Wars cover this integrated some of John's history with Secret Wars and Venom together and turned really awesome:

John Beatty, Denver Comic Con, Secret Wars 2015, Venom, Head Sketch
Beatty's Venom on a Secret War's sketch cover

 I checked out John and immediately recognized his art work from Secret Wars and from Venom.  The Venom series he did was one of my favorites in my youth.

John agreed to do a Daredevil sketch on Daredevil #1 (Vol 3) a special  Daredevil book I have been holding onto for just this kind of occasion.  One cool connection with the book and John is Paola Rivera.  Paolo did the work inside Daredevil and he happened to grow up in Daytona Beach like Johna and they even graduated from the same high school (Mainland).  I am not sure how many great comic illustrators have come out of the same high school, I tend to think the feat of having 2 is very rare.
Mainland Buccaneers
 The Mainland Buccaneers boast numerous NBA, Football players and even the actor Denzel Washington as former students.  Still having two famous comic illustrators is extremely unique.  If I were the school principal I would have the mascot changed from a buccaneer to an artist (Of course I'm biased).  The Mainland Illustrators!  The Mainland Ink Pens! The Mainland Comic Book Art Guys!  I personally think that would be awesome but of course I'm heavily biased.  Still kudos to Mainland for producing two guys in the top of the Comic Book Art profession.

I was very happy (ecstatic) with John's work.  He created a fully colored Daredevil cover head.  I now have the perfect memento for 2015.  Thank you John!  This piece was really the gem of my con for me.

 John has a site you should check out.  It shows his experience at different cons as well as art he produces.  You can even get a piece of work done by John yourself.

Check it out: 
 Beatty on Denver Comic Con

Denver Comic Con - Cosplay, Art and Coverage!
Who is Daredevil?

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