iZombie promo for "Freezer"

iZombie promo for "Freezer"
(Episode   /Season 1)

iZombie has been renewed for a 2nd Season!  Good job Z Squad!

Some thoughts on the Promo:
  • Liv is approaching a full on battle with Blaine.
  • Can Liv beat Blaine without filling in some of her friends (Major and Babineaux) on her condition? 
  • Can Major escape Blaine!
Things between Major and Blaine have never been friendly, but they turn downright cold in this exclusive clip from tonight's iZombie season finale, "Blaine's World."

Characters and Cast:
Liv Moore - Rose McIver
Ravi - Rahul Kohli
Detective Babineaux - Malcom Goodwin
Eva Moore - Molly Hagan
Major Lilywhite - Robert Buckley
Peyton Charles - Peyton Charles
Blaine - David Anders

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