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First let me say that if you are on twitter you should follow Hayley Atwell she posts all kinds of funny stuff on there.  On the set of Captain America Civil War she revealed that "Captain America had Muscle Milk in his fridge"  funny stuff like that. 

Well Hayley really caused a stir, or perhaps a social media quake with her clever response to a tweet.  A fan posted a picture of Haley from a cover of a magazine and asked "Why are you so Beautiful?"

Hayley's responds ...

"Why am I so photoshopped?"

This seems like such a simple thing, but it really struck a chord with people all over the world on how women are portrayed in the media in an often unrealistic fashion.  When you have a picture of someone like Hayley freaking Atwell do you really need to photoshop them?  What bizarre level of appearance are we aiming for.

For this and other great Hayley Tweets look below:

Agent Carter - SHIELD Headquarters 
Glorious Pictures of Hayley Atwell

 Here are a few more good ones from Haley:

 Haley also recently threw out the first pitch in KC for a Royals game, Good Job Haley!
Agent Carter - SHIELD Headquarters 
Glorious Pictures of Hayley Atwell 

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