Caterpillars - Potential Super Members for Coulson/Skyes new team
Coulson hands Skye a file at the end of Season 2

Agents Coulson hands Skye a file with the intention of researching new members for a "Secret" super team.  The file is called Caterpillars similar to a set of files used by Nick Fury to form a team called the Secret Warriors during the Marvel called Secret Invasion.  Who do we think could be in these files?

Update: 6/26/2015
Marvel just released the following promo poster for Agents of SHIELD that confirms the series is headed toward the creation of a Secret Warriors team.  I think this team will be somewhat similar to the comic but with a different roster.  My projected roster is below.

I expect more news from Marvel to be revealed at their San Diego Comic Con Panel.

Who are in the Caterpillar files? Here are some ideas!
Skye AKA Daisy Johnson AKA Quake







Ms Marvel

The file is labeled "Caterpillars"

What do you think?

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