Who is Surtur?


Surtur is one of Thor's greatest enemies.  He is giant fire demon whose creation was modeled after the fire giant Surtr in Norse mythology.  Surtur is considered one of the key villains that appears during the Thor event Ragnarok.

First Appearance: Journey into Mystery #97 - (Trying to confirm this)

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Surtur is an enemy of Thor and Odin in the Marvel Universe.  He is a fire demon native to the inter-dimensional realm of Muspelheim.  Surtur is generally shown associated with the end of the world or the final battle of the Norse gods called Ragnarok.  It is said he will be one of the great monsters released by Loki that will cause the great final battle in which all of the Norse gods will die.

Many years ago Odin imprisoned Surtur inside the Earth due to Surtur aiding an army of trolls.  He attacks Earth and Asgard repeatedly where he is thwarted by Odin and Thor.

Once Surtur attacked Asgard with a legion of fire demons while wielding a powerful magical blade called Twilight.  The terrible fire demon defeats both Odin and Thor and then nearly all of Asgard.  Loki manages to stall Surtur with an illusion which buys enough time for Odin to heal.  Odin manages to recover then pulls Surtur down into a dimensional rift.  Odin later returns having absorbed the energies of Surtur into himself but is revealed to have possessed him.  Surtur recreates his physical form and destroys Asgard.  Thor gathers up Odin's powers and forces Surtur into the "Sea of Eternal Night".

Surtur is allowed to destroy Asgard by Thor in the end of the story of Ragnarok.  This is an attempt by Thor to break the Norse gods from the wheel of destruction and rebirth that plagues them.

In one tale (Thor #8 2010) a dead Odin and Surtur find themselves trapped in the same realm.  Each day they are reborn and battle each other to death, only to be reborn and battle each other the next day.  Thor visits his father and helps him defeat Surtur.  Odin tells his son that this way of living is close to Norse heaven and not to think on him with sadness.

  • Surtur is a giant (1000 ft tall) fire demon,
  • Super Strength - Beyond Thor's
  • Super Durability - Beyond Thor's
  • Can generate intense heat
  • Fire Blasts
  • Transmutation - Alter his fingers into serpents
  • Magic powers and advanced knowledge of the arcane arts

Surtur has been shown wielding the sword of doom called Twilight.  Twilight is construted from a rare metal in Muspelheim called Scabrite.  It greatly enhances the users magical energies and also allows Surtur to weaken Odin's magical powers.  The blade and Surtur also have a connection to an item called the eternal flame which are said to increase both of their powers.

Surtur is highly skilled in combat and generally is considered an equal match for Odin.

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