Review: Avengers Age of Ultron is better than Donuts!

This Review is strictly BGFG (By Geeks For Geeks).  I am not a film studies major, I do not study cinematography.  What I do is read way too many comic books, a lot, a lot, a truck ton of comic books and I consider myself an expert in the Marvel universe.  My film reviews are not intended for everyone but for those who share my passion for the comics from which these films originate from.

( This review contains Some Spoilers)

Avengers: Age of Ultron is good, and I think most geeks will say very good.  It was not however perfect, and the expectations for the movie are so high I think many will leave the theater somewhat disappointed.  The Film currently has a 72% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 72% from Metacritic.  I personally rate the film higher.

Toylab Rating:  8 Ultron Heads out of  10

This film is jam packed with characters, plot points, and Easter eggs.  It not only tells its own story, introduces a multitude of new characters, but it also sets up directly 4 other movies.  These Avengers movies are used to tie together all of the old films but also set up much of the new ones.  The film even seemed to touch upon multiple themes as it touched on different characters.   Its a lot of stuff and frankly I could see this being one of the most re-watched Marvel films due to how much is packed into it. I am going to write a different post just to cover the Easter Eggs in this film.

What I liked:
  1. Action Scenes / Eye Candy - There are numerous scenes of the multiple Avengers on screen together in these epic action sequences that to me just feel like they were ripped out of a comic book.  These scenes capture my boyhood visions of how I saw the Avengers fighting in my mind. It really as feels as though the comics are being brought to life.
  2. The Vision - The Vision is a very visually striking character that just pops off the screen as soon as you see him.  He immediately feels different and unique.  His powers are elegant yet powerful, and his personality is altogether different. He is not in the film for many scenes but stands out in all of them.  Paul Bettany does an amazing job.  He really steals the show.
  3. The Hulkbuster - This was a scene that many fans of Iron Man and Hulk have wanted to see depicted and it was awesome.  Stark's mind vs the unlimited brawn of the Hulk.
  4. Backstories of Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye- It was amazing how much they managed to work into this movie.  Black Widow, Hulk and Hawkeye all had some special emphasis shown to them in part because they lack solo films.  Of all the characters I think Hawkeye's story was the most poignant.  A whole slew of other characters are touched upon in this movie some like Monica Cho, Falcon, Nick Fury, and Ulyssess Klaw only had a few scenes.
  5. The Hang Out scene - I really enjoyed the hang out party scene in the Avengers tower.  These actors all play these characters so naturally that the party feels real.  Its fascinating to watch the interactions between a god/alien and a billionaire genuis, or the secret agent and the man who turns into a Hulk monster.
  6. Ultron - Ultron played by James Spader was great.  Villains who want to wipe out life on Earth can often feel very shallow and that feeling was entirely avoided.  Fans of the comics know that Ultron likes to talk, and he does not disappoint in this film.  One worry I had was that his talking was going to feel jarring.  I never felt that way.  Ultron is right up there with Loki as being one of the best Marvel villains introduced to date.

What I didn't like:

  1. Plot/Flow/Theme-  The general plot and flow of this movie felt complicated.  There were some moments early on that I felt were a little slow. Thematically I felt the film jumped around a bit without ever settling for a single one.   I excuse this though due to the sheer amount of stuff this movie packed in.
  2. Thor's side story - I thought something felt a little off with Thor's side story.  Perhaps some of this will be touched on in extra materials.  Generally, it just felt like more explanation should have been there.  Keep in mind though he will get his own movie to delve into these elements more.
  3. Baron Von Strucker's quick elimination -  I actually really liked the actor and the look of Baron Von Strucker but I was disapointed they did not do more with him. This is the enigmatic leader of Hydra that the Agents of Agents of SHIELD have been chasing for 2 seasons, and in the film he felt more like a footnote.
  4. Not Empire Strikes Back -  To me this felt like the perfect movie to leave everything in shambles and have this very pessimistic, dour note like the Star Wars film the Empire Strikes Back.  Age of Ultron ends instead with a very optimistic note.  The bad guy is defeated, the Avengers are different but still together.  I think a pessimistic ending would have really ended the movie more dramatically and made it feel unique when compared to its predecessor.

 If you are a Marvel fan at all you will like this movie.  Don't build it up too much, expect it to be juggling a lot of items.  The spectacle of this movie is amazing, the characters/actors are awesome, and the stage is just set for epicness.  It really feels like the Avengers in the comics are brought to life and I think that says it all for me.  This is a film that as a young boy reading comics I could not have even dreamed of because there was nothing even close to this.  See it, watch it, and enjoy it.

Nuff said

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