Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch have new parents...They are no longer mutants

In Uncanny Avengers the story has come to light that Magneto is not the father of Scarlet Witch or Quicksilver.  Instead,.....

The twin now have new parents and specifically non-mutant parents?

 Marvel's reasoning for this story seems pretty simple.  This is realigning two of the characters they have in the MCU away from their mutant origins.  As Marvel has film rights to them, but not to the rest of the mutants this move move will provide more stories that can be used in their film universe.  It will also deprive Fox's mutant films from gaining new story material from comics.

So who are these new parents?




The parents of the twins are the High Evolutionary himself!

Now keep in mind that the High Evolutionary was a big part of the initial origins so this is not coming out of no where.  In initial story the twins mom was Magda the wife of Magneto.  When the twins are born she seeks refuge with the High Evolutionary.
Now it seems like the twins were a kind of science experiment gone wrong.  An early attempt for the High Evolutionary (Marvel's Dr Moreau) at perfecting a new species.  It does not seem like their new father is any better than their last one. The High Evolutionary seems almost entirely indifferent to them, what a jerk.

What do you think of the change?

Scarlet Witch a villain or hero?

Quicksilver a villain or hero?


  1. This is realigning two of the characters they have in the mcu far from their mutant origins. As surprise has movie rights to Best Website To Buy Essays them, but no longer to the rest of the mutants this move pass will offer more tales that can be used in their movie universe.

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