Most striking Cosplay of Denver Comic Con 2015
Rachel Speights as Harley Quinn

Denver Comic Con was full of an amazing assortment of costumed characters that were torn from comics, novels, games and films.  They invaded the mile high city from dragon realms and the mean streets of Gotham.  Often times as is the case of any large grouping of such a motley bunch a great big party ensued.

Here are some of the stand outs!

Denver Comic Con - Cosplay, Art and Coverage!

Beware Captain America here is the Winter Soldier done most awesomely by Holly Queens
Winter Soldier by Holly Queens

 The characters from Dragon Age!
Yeah this one was cool!
Dragon Age characters invade the Mile High City
Let us slayeth some Dragons!
 This Harley was already getting ready for the upcoming DC series Bombshells!  A Harley Quinn in WW2 gear!
Two Face!
 There were a lot of Harley Quinns at Denver Comic Con but I only saw one Two Face and she was freaking awesome!

A Dalek!
 This awesome looking Dalek tried to destroy me but I was slightly too nimble.

There were many female and male Thors but I only saw one Angela, Asgards Assassin!

If you did a Cosplay that you would like to be covered feel free to comment on this post.  I have more pictures and need to post a whole lot more!

Denver Comic Con - Cosplay, Art and Coverage!

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