Meeting Shawn Crystal and his Fantomex Sketch

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Fantomex MAX by Inkpulp

Fantomex Sketch from Shawn Crystal Denver Comic Con

Meeting Shawn Crystal and his Fantomex Sketch

 Shawn Crystal is an artist known for working on the Fantomex Max series.  The Max series for those who don't  know tend to be more adult oriented works by Marvel.  In it Shawn Crystal drew an amazing version of the character that looked chique and badass at the same time.

Denver Comic Con - Cosplay, Art and Coverage!
Who is Fantomex? 

 Who is Fantomex?
Fantomex himself is not the most well known character.  I had read very little about him until I began reading Uncanny X-Force.  In that series Wolverine pulls together a group of mutant bad asses to do the dirty work that other super hero teams don't have the stomach for.  A stand out character in the series was Fantomex. He is a charming, and mysterious super thief that is entirely self absorbed but so brilliant you love him anyway.  Fantomex acts and models himself after a Frenchman but is actually an entirely artificial being created by the Weapon Program.  His central nervous system is partially separate from his body and fly around in the form of a giant robot saucer / space ship called EVA.  Everything about him is a little over the top.  Riding on the popularity of Uncanny X-Force, Fantomex was then given his own MAX series.  Like many of the MAX series Fantomex did not have a ton of success but the art in it by Shawn was amazing.

I have had a white variant cover of Uncanny X-Force for awhile and have been waiting for idea of what to do with it.  When I saw Shawn was coming to Denver Comic Con I hit him up for a sketch.  For an extremely reasonable fee and Shawn did an awesome sketch of a Fantomex head shot for me.

See below:

 Bad Ass, Cool, Fashionable, hell yes its Fantomex!

Fantomex Sketch by Shawn Crystal on Uncanny X-Force #1

Shawn has a site on Deviant art that includes both more of his art and podcast interviews with himself and other artists.   The podcast series is really interesting and if you have any desire to learn more about comic art or the industry I recommend checking it out.
You can find Shawn's work at -->

Thanks Shawn for a great sketch!

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