First pictures of Crossbones in Captain America Civil War
In an Interview with HuffPostLive actor Frank Grillo discusses the mindset and the costume of his character Crossbones.  He says Crossbones is out to have some fun.  Which for anyone who knows anything about Crossbones that should be terrifying.

Fan #1: What can you tell us Crossbones' mental state/head space/motivations after the events of The Winter Soldier and moving on into Civil War?
Frank Grillo: Well, that's a great question and obviously you've seen The Winter Soldier... Brock Rumlow is in bad shape and it was because of Cap and he's not happy. I'll tell ya, coming back as Crossbones, his alter-ego, he is not a happy guy and there's nothing that's going to get in the way of him doing what he's set out to do, which I cannot tell you or Marvel will have me taken away to a place with no one one knows of. You never want to mess with Marvel, but yeah, he is out for a good time. Crossbones. And so he's going to have fun
Fan #2 From Twitter: Ever keep a souvenir from a shoot? What did you wish that could keep?
FG: I wish I could have kept part of that Crossbones costume cause it may be the coolest thing that I've ever put on. The mask and they really did a great job. Probably six or seven fittings, and the thing was just... And I think out of all the costumes that I saw and I didn't see all of them... but the Crossbones costume, which isn't a secret, it's all over the internet, evoked the most visceral responses from people. People were really taken aback by this costume, so I wish I could've kept some of that and maybe... *shifts to a whisper* ...I'll steal something from Marvel, I don't know. *laughs*

Crossbones Appearance in Civil War Observations:
The first pictures of actor Frank Grillo as Brock Rumlow aka Crossbones in Captain America Civil War.

This look is a generally more realistic and grounded than in the comics.
He has a mask that is more like a military helmet, and it bears the resemblance of a skull scratches into it.  Like wise on his chest plate their is a crudely scratched cross bone marking.
He is heavily armored, and is packing a huge assortment of weapons.

One thing that is really striking our his gauntlets that appear that appear reenforce his fists/arms.  I am not sure if these are for punching a super human or for firing extremely high caliber weapons.

One thing is for certain is that Crossbones looks serious.

The previous villain in the Captain America films was the Winter Soldier.  The Winter Soldier was the best portrayal of a Marvel villain yet.  This sets the bar high for Crossbones in Civil War.

The pictures of the character have really trended on the web Frank Grillo the actor that plays Crossbones has called into radio station 93.3 WMMR.  Here are few tid bits from the actor:

"It's funny because people really responded to it - it went viral, trended [like crazy], so I've been getting phone calls."

"Crossbones is a violent, violent villain in these series and I finally feel I've been understood now. I feel complete; [people] get me.""

Grillo also tweeted out what appeared to be a jab at speculation that his character could be killed off early in the film.  Speculation that was further grown after the previous Hydra big bad Baron Von Strucker was killed off in the first minutes of Avengers: Age of Ultron.  It seems that Grillo's Crossbones won't be taken out so easily.  He may even survive the film.

What do you think?

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