Answering some Eldrac the Door and Agents of SHIELD questions
I'm Elderac! and I'm a door!

Eldrac the Door in Agents of SHIELD (Part 2)

Earlier this month I posted a theory that the mysterious alien stone in Agents of SHIELD could be Elderac the Door.

That post (-->  Who is Elderac the Door? ) has become very popular.  I have received a lot of questions about it and thought I would elaborate and answer them as best as I can.  Thank you everyone for supporting our site.  We work pretty hard here and its wonderful beyond words to see people enjoying it.

1) Is the Stone actually Elderac or something else?
Elderac is just a theory, and it could very well be something that the show made up.  I do personally hope my theory is right because I think Elderac would be an awesome introduction that could open up some awesome stories.  I also think their is a limited amount the show can do marching down the Inhumans road without at least mentioning the Inhuman Royal Family.

One more piece of evidence leading toward the Stone either being Eldrac or at least something that teleported Simmons came from the interview with Executive Producer Jeffrey Bell.

From Executive Producer Jeffrey Bell with interview with IGN:
" And now that she's dead -- [laughs] no, I'm just kidding -- or lost somewhere. Who knows what happened to her? But it seemed like too good of an opportunity not to explore. We love Elizabeth as an actress, and we look forward to seeing what happens to her and how she deals with it. "

Since we know that Simmons is very likely not dead, it seems like his second option is far more realistic.  Obviously, Jeffrey is trying to be very vague but its still an interesting comment.  He did not say she is being alter or changed within the stone, instead he says she is somewhere.  This seems to lay another slight bit of evidence that stone is a door or teleportation device like Eldrac.

 2) Why would Inhumans see the stone as a weapon against them?
 Elderac's ability and ties to the Royal Family would mean that he could teleport Inhumans directly to the Royal Family.   He could even possibly warn the Royals of rogue Inhumans.  The Royal Family has for many years had the most powerful Inhumans members and could easily destroy a rogue faction for breaking the rules.  Keep in mind that one of the Royals, Blackbolt is capable of destroying planets.
The MCU has not revealed anything about the Inhuman royal family yet.  My best guess is that they are currently residing in the Blue Area of the Moon far away from prying human eyes.  They may be more like mythological beings to Inhuman splinter groups like those shown on the show.

3) Elderac is an Inhuman, but the Inhumans called it a Kree weapon?
Inhumans are Kree weapons.  The Inhumans are living, breathing organic Deathstars and are the ultimate weapons created by the Kree.
Also the Inhumans may have forgotten or simply not know the exact nature of Elderac.  They also may not see a division between the old Inhuman Royal Family and the Kree.

There are a lot of great theories from the comics on what this could be.  Some have said it could be something ties to Mar Vel and leads to the creation of Captain Marvel.  Others have posited the Moonstones.
 To see more of these theories see:  --> What is hiding in the Gonzalez's SHIELD carrier?

Why I like this theory?
First, it means that Simmons is not dead, she is just transported where she is needed.  That is an interesting idea that could open up all kinds of doors.

The first door that comes to mind is the Inhuman Royal Family!
Elderac could literally be the door that opens up the Inhuman Royal Family to the MCU.  The Royal Family for many years of Marvel comics were synonymous with Inhumans.  They were the primary Inhuman characters that were dealt with.  To bring Inhumans into the MCU without even mentioning the Royals just seems weird, and a bit off putting to me.  To me the biggest problem with AOS Season 2 is that it teased revealing this group but then never fulfilled. it.  If the show really has zero access to the Royal family, or even the new Inhuman characters appearing in Inhuman then why did they tread down this path?  Hopefully, the stone can help with this introduction.

One other person also noted how Elderac could even allow a character like Simmons to meet the Guardians of the Galaxy.   Others have said what if it takes her back in time to meet Agent Carter.  I doubt any of this happens but it would be very awesome if it did!

The show has introduced many characters and some of them like May are awesome.  However, its best characters have consistently been those that are pulled directly out of the comics, Deathlok, Calvin Zabo, and  Daisy Johnson.  

Looking Ahead:
The shows finale had me slightly confused.  It foreshadowed what seemed to me to be two paths.  Raina's prophesy Skye would become leader of the Inhumans.  Also the Terrigen being released in the ocean would create a new batch of Inhumans. Both of these would indicate that Agents of SHIELD would continue to focus heavily on the Inhumans.

The other path was hinted at by Coulson and Skye.  The two all but said the words Secret Warriors a group that was put together by Nick Fury to fight the Skrulls in Secret Invasion.  This group was led by Fury and Daisy Johnson (ie Skye).  In the comics this had nothing to do with Inhumans.

If Skye is going to be both the leader of the Inhumans and the leader of the Secret Warriors it seems that those two groups may be more tied together than they were in the comics. 

Agents of SHIELD is a good show.  To me its biggest fault is when raises fans expectations to high by hinting at things and then fails to deliver.  If the show continues to focus on Inhumans they will need to address the Royal Family in some way.  That is the expectation created when you mention the word Inhuman.  In my opinion they should either change direction away from Inhumans or dive in with both feet first.  In other words the Inhumans could either make the show awesome, or crush it by elevating expectations beyond the shows capability of delivering on them.

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