Who is Stick?


Who is Stick?

Stick is a hero in the Marvel universe.  He is a blind martial artist who is known for training Daredevil and Elektra in martial arts.  He is played by actor Scott Glenn.  He is the leader of the group of warriors called the Chaste.

First Appearance: Daredevil  #176

Death: Daredevil #189

Alias:  Stick

Stick's early history and origins are a mystery.  He is introduced as the blind Sensei of a group of warriors called the Chaste.  As the leader of the Chaste he trains its warriors and also ensure that the group is purely good.

It is believed that Stick was found as a boy by the founder of the Chaste, Master Izo.  Master Izo was himself blind and showed Stick how to use the extra senses and a radar like sense. Eventually, Stick replaced Master Izo as leader of the group.

He has trained some of the most famous warriors in the Marvel universe among them: Daredevil, Elektra, Black Widow, and Wolverine.  Stick kicked Elektra out of the Chaste due to her vengeful nature that he believed would lead her down the road of evil.

The Chaste are known for battling an evil group of martial artists called the Hand.  At one point the Hand attack the Chaste in an attempt to wipe them out.  Stick survives an attempt on his life by four Hand assassins.  The Hand then send in Kirigi, a powerful, quasi immortal ninja warrior.  Stick and the Chaste manage to defeat Kirigi.

Stick and fellow Chaste warrior Shaft use a powerful ability that drains life force from others to defeat a Hand attack.  Using the power ends up killing both Stick and ShaftDaredevil helps lead the Chaste in Japan.  He protects a child that is believed to contain the soul of the resurrected Stick.

Stick is blind but like Daredevil makes for it with awesome sensory powers.
Radar powers
Heightened senses of everything but sight
Some telepathy
Drain Energy power


Stick appears in the Daredevil Netflix series he makes his first appearance in the episode, "Stick".  He is played by actor Scott Glenn.
"Its a big world, and the only way guys like you and me survive it, is to grab it by the throat and never let it go"

Stick is shown training Matthew Murdock in the ways of a warrior as a child and teaching the extent of his ability.  In the present day the two go on a mission to eliminate a Hand weapon called the Black Sky.  When the Black Sky is revealed to a youth Daredevil refuses to allow Stick to kill the youth.  Stick says he later hunts down and kills the Black Sky and he and Daredevil come to blows.  Eventually, Daredevil manages to knock out Stick.  Stick replies that their may be hope for him yet.

Stick is later shown talking in dark room to a man about whether Daredevil can be counted on when the "Gate Opens".  Stick replies that he is not sure.  The man he is conversing with is believed to be Stone another member of the Chaste warrior order.

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