Who is the Human Torch aka Johnny Storm?

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Who is the Human Torch?

The Human Torch aka Johnny Storm is a hero in the Marvel universe.  He is known for being a member of the super hero celebrity family the Fantastic Four.  The Human Torch has been depicted in multiple movies.  He was played by Chris Evans in Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer.  The Human Torch is played Michael B. Hall in the Fantastic Four (2015) film.  A new Human Torch is being caste for a Fantastic Four Project in the MCU.

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #1

Real Name:  Jonathan Storm

Catch Phrase: "Flame On!" Johnny often says this when he uses his power to ignite himself.

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 Johnny Storm is the younger brother of Sue Storm.  He joined his sister, Sue Storm and her fiancee, Reed Richards on an experimental space flight.  During the flight he was bombarded with cosmic rays that imbued him with special powers.  After the incident Johnny could ignite his body in fire, fly and emit fire blasts from his body.

With his powers Johnny began to call himself the Human Torch.  This name was both a tribute to the WW2 hero of that name and also an accurate description of his powers.    The group that was aboard the experimental ship formed a Super Hero team / family called the Fantastic Four and began battling various super villains.



The Human Torch gained a variety of super powers due to the mutagenic process of being bombarded by cosmic rays.

  • Flight from burning air
  • Englulf body in fiery plasma that causes him no harm
  • Emit fire / plasma blasts
  • Control and move any fire mentally that is within his sight
  • Nova Flame is the name of Torch's highest level of heat, it fires plasma in all directions

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