Who is Hellfire aka J.T. Taylor?

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Who is Hellfire aka J.T. Taylor?

Hellfire is a hero in the Marvel universe he is most known for being on the Secret Warriors team.  On the team he fell in love with Daisy Johnson and was later killed by Nick Fury.


Hellfire is on the caterpillars list by Nick Fury.  The list is said to have future but unknown super humans. Many on the list are children of prior heroes and villains.  JT Taylor is the offspring of the villain Phantom Rider and through him acquired his own supernatural powers.

Daisy Johnson was tasked with Fury to put together a secret team to battle the Skrull invasion.  Using the Caterpillar list Daisy located and recruited J.T. Taylor.  He was given the moniker Hellfire for his ability to imbue objects with Hellfire.  Daisy and J.T. began to see each other romantically.
JT and Quake kiss

J.T. was not happy working with Fury.  He was hoping to be paid more handsomely for working in the dangerous profession.  The only reason he stays on the team was because of his love of Daisy.

The Secret Warriors steal a billion dollars from a Hydra bank and funnel the money to Dum Dum Dugan to create a new army for Fury.  J.T. sees an opportunity to increase his own wallet and funnels some of the money to himself.  Hydra manages to follow his transaction and tracks him down.  They turn him into a double agent.  His only request was for immunity for himself and Daisy.
JT falls off a cliff to his apparent death

Fury finds out of the betrayal.  On a mission at a Hydra base he pushes him off a cliff when no one is looking.  Interestingly this is the same way the original Phantom Rider was killed by Mockingbird.

You can see how father died on the link below:
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Could channel Hellfire onto objects.  He used a Chain often as a weapon to channel the fire upon then used it as a fiery whip.

MCU-Agents of SHIELD:

There is a mystery Inhuman that shows up in the premiere episode of Agents of SHIELD who may have flame based powers could this be a version of JT Taylor (Hellfire)?

If you look how he is dressed he is wearing a similar brown leather coat as the comic version of the character.  Hellfire is also a member of the Secret Warriors a group that Skye/Daisy Johnson is tasked with creating.

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