What wasn't in Daredevil?

Mike Colter and Krysten Ritter as Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

There has been a lot of discussions about all of the hidden Eastereggs and characters in Marvel's Daredevil Netflix show.  However, what is not in the show is almost as interesting as what is.

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Daredevil had quite a few references to Iron Fist.  One of the seasons villains Madame Gao was even quite likely a famous Iron Fist villain...the evil Mother Crane.  Another of Iron Fist's villains the Steel Serpent had his symbol emblazoned over drugs being distributed through the city.  Another conversation with the martial artist Stick mentioned Gates opening.  This to me sounded like another reference to Iron Fist's 7 Heavenly Cities.  In all Daredevil was full of connections to the Iron Fist Mythos.

What is interesting about that is that Iron Fist is likely going to be the fourth Defender show to come out.  The next two are likely to be Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.

What is curious to me is that there were no references (That I saw) to Luke Cage or to Jessica Jones.

The lack of Jessica Jones easter eggs I understand. They could be a little hard to make because she does not have a huge gallery of villains or comic history.

Luke Cage references should have been pretty easy to make though.  There could be references to the Harlem street gangs the Rivals, or the Diablos.  There could be references to Seagate Prison where he was incarcerated.  Seagate Prison was already shown in the Marvel short "All Hail the King."  There could also be references to a huge slew of villains in Harlem

So Why?

My guess is that Marvel's thinking is that Jessica Jones and Luke Cage's series will be heavily linked together and did not require help from Daredevil.   Daredevil's martial arts background was the perfect place to begin building up the Iron Fist mythos. 

One thing is for certain and that is it will be interesting to watch how these shows are linked together to form the Defenders.  If the other 3 shows are as good as this one we are in for a real treat.

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