What is the Lor Tribe?


What is the Lor Tribe?

The Lor Tribe is a hidden group of Inhumans who live in a hidden ancient city of Orollan.  They separated from the Inhuman royal family over a disagreement over the use of Terrigen.  The Lor believed that only a select few should undergo the process, while as the Royal family held it as a right of any Inhuman who reached maturity.

The Lor maintain a small amount of Terrigen.

The Lor philosophy of only allowing a select few gain powers from Terrigen is in part due to the dangers of new powers.  Their control of Terrigen makes it so that there are not hyper dangerous individuals like Blackbolt in their society.

Lash - Leader
Mother Bones 

The Lor had been hiding the son of Thanos named Thane.  When Thane was accidentally exposed to Terrigen he gains super destructive powers that nearly wiped out the entire city.

With very few left of the Lor tribe the current leader Lash begins to hop around the world recruiting new Inhumans into the tribe.   Lash recuits only those he deems worthy.  Lash kills off those he deems unworthy of being given powers.  He hopes to use these new Inhuman to challenge to rule of Inhumans by Queen Medusa

Queen Medusa and her forces defeat Lash at Orollan.  She tells that there is a coming calamity where all the Inhumans will be required and so lets him live.

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