What is an Inhuman?


Inhumans are an offshoot of the human race.   They were biologically crafted by the Kree alien race to be super powerful weapons.  The powers of each Inhuman are ignited when exposed to Terrigen mist the comes from Terrigen crystals.  Once exposed an Inhuman begins to mutate in unpredictable ways.  The Inhuman race is one of the most powerful groups in the Marvel universe.

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #45 (1965)

The aliens known as Kree become curious about humanity when they detect that the ancient and powerful Celestials have tinkered with human DNA.  It is the Celestial tinkering that gives humans in the Marvel universe the genes that cause mutations.  The Kree take a group of humans and further tinker with their DNA creating the first Inhumans.  Due to the Kree tinkering Inhumans are naturally stronger and longer lived than a peak physical-level human.  The Inhumans learn they can further change themselves by exposing themselves to a mutagenic gas called the Terrigen Mist.  The Terrigen Mist mutates an individual in unpredictable ways some become monsters, some die, and some become super powerful.

For many years the word Inhuman was almost synonymous with the Inhuman Royal Family.  This has changed particularly with the 2014 series Inhuman.  The Inhuman series introduced a variety of new Inhuman characters as well as older factions that had been hidden in the universe.  The hidden factions included the Ennilux Corporation and the Lor Tribe.

Inhumans in the MCU:
Inhumans are set to have their own movie.  The Marvel TV show Agents of SHIELD has begun introducing a variety of Inhuman characters into the Marvel universe.  The protagonist Skye is an Inhuman version of the Marvel character Daisy Johnson.  Also the villain Raina is an Inhuman.  Both characters have interacted with another Inhuman who teleports who is called Gordon.

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What is an Inhuman?

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Ennilux Corporation:
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Inhuman Royal Family:
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