What is Ennilux corporation?

What is Ennilux corporation?

Ennilux Corporation is a group of Inhumans who have lived for generations in the world of humanity.  The group has been led for many years by a leader named Ennilux Capo.  When the Capo reaches an old age a new suitable body is found and the Capo's mind is pushed into the body.

Many years ago a group of Inhumans splintered off from the  Inhuman Royal Family in Attilan and organized a new society in the form of a company.  The company was run and ruled by the Ennilux family and particularly through the leader called the Capo.

The Capo was ambitious and has successfully led the company to become prosperous and powerful.  The Capo was not immortal so when he reached an old age the company began growing bodies specifically for the Capo to take over.  The body had to have the right personality, and intelligence to hold the transferred mind of the old Capo.  Many of the bodies grown by the company had various deformities from their attempt to make the perfect mental vessel.  This process of mind transferring has allowed Ennilux to be ruled by the same ruler for many generations.

Iso / Reader and the Attack on New Attilan:
Ennilux began facing a crisis when the Capo was reaching an old age and the company had yet to grow a suitable body.  All of their attempts to create a suitable candidate had failed.  To make matters worse the Capo was nearing death.   The company began searching for candidates from the newly created Numans the new Inhumans created by the Terregenis Bomb.

One of their trackers was a mercenary named Reader who located the perfect candidate an Inhuman named Iso.  Reader brings Iso to the Ennilux headquarters believing that company only wanted her as an employee.  Eventually, Reader learns that the company plans to wipe out Iso's mind (kill her) and use her body to install the mind of the Capo.  When Reader learns this he has a change of heart and rescues Iso and then brings her to New Attilan.  Where Queen Medusa has promised all Inhumans refuge.

The Ennilux Corporation then attempts to invade New Attilan to retrieve the girl.  They are nearly successful but as their forces rally at the gates a new defender appears.  Blackbolt had arrived, and easily beat back the Ennilux forces.

The Ennilux Capo was left with his mind half entered into Iso so if the company is not able to retrieve her they may lose their ancient leader forever.

Who is Ennilux Capo? 
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