What is the Baxter Building?

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What is the Baxter Building?

The Baxter Building is a fictional building in the Marvel universe that has long been known as the home of the Fantastic Four.

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #3

Address:  42nd Street and Madison Ave, New York City

The Baxter Building is 35 stories tall.  Its top 5 stories are owned to the super human team the Fantastic Four.  The rest of the building is ordinary residential apartments and businesses.  There is a mechanical area called the buffer room between the Fantastic Four top floors and the other floors.  The buffer zone helps eliminate sounds and vibrations emanating from the super team and Mr Fantastic's wild experiments.

The building was one of the first buildings in the world to use a special form of reinforcement called K bracing.  This heavily reinforced structure is on reason it was selected to be the head quarters of the Fantastic Four.  The reinforcement is strong enough that the building could laid by on a corner and not collapse.

Early in its use the Landlord was excited for the publicity of having the super human celebrities the Fantastic Four move in.  However, the landlord began to regret this decision after a variety of Super Villains began targeting the building.  After Doctor Doom launched the building into space, Mister Fantastic was forced to purchase the entire building to avoid eviction.


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