West Coast Avengers ASSEMBLE!!!


West Coast Avengers ASSEMBLE!!!

The Toylab crew is headed to Los Angeles!  Specifically to 1800 Palos Verdes Drive along the beautiful and sunny Pacific Coastline.  The large Mansion at this address is also known as the Avengers Mansion and is home to a group called the West Coast Avengers.

Who are the West Coast Avengers?
Hawkeye creates the West Coast Avengers after the Vision mentions that the Avengers should have another team there.  Hawkeye then pull together a group of heroes to avenge the west coast, while the traditional East Coast Avengers are led by the Vision.

We want you to come along for the ride!

Through out the 80s the West Coast Avengers were one of the most rocking teams in comics.  Now it appears that this team could once again come into the limelight and we at Toylab want to be ready.  Over the next week we are going to focus heavily on this team, its members, battles and history. There is going to be whole slew of West Coast themed posts!

Why are the West Coast Avengers important now!

A few reasons but notably this.  Two of the characters that are most associated with the West Coast Avengers are Daisy Johnson (Founder of Ultimate's West Coast) and Mockingbird (Founder of Avengers West Coast) and both of these characters are main characters in Agents of SHIELD.  Additionally, the upcoming Age of Ultron movie is going to introduce some of the primary players in the West Coast Saga characters like the Vision, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch. With talk of an Agents of SHIELD spin off it seems at least possible that the series could focus on a form of West Coast Avengers.

The Material:
We have managed to pull together a huge lot of West Coast Avenger comics!

Expect some reviews of some of these! Incoming!


The West Coast Avengers Soundtrack:
You can't mention the West Coast without music.  The Toylab Crew is currently jamming out to a bunch of west coast tunes as we pour over materials!
With each of the West Coast Avengers posts we will try to add in a West Coast themed song for a bit of theme music :)

Lets start out with California Bound by the Caronlina Liar!

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