Will the hidden secrets of the Daredevil Netflix Series matter in Season 3?


The hidden secrets of the Daredevil Netflix Series

The Daredevil Netflix series is amazing all on its own (See our spoiler free review HERE) but it also is riddled with tiny details that many may not notice.  Details that are references to other characters, Marvel projects and even foreshadowing for the future of the series.

One of the more interesting things as we approach Season 3 is Bullseye.  Bullseye is considered to be the Arch nemesis of Daredevil.  Despite this, he has yet to appear in season 1 or 2.  In Season 3 we know that he is coming.  It just makes too much sense.  A very interesting thing occured in Season 1 that could be built into that story.   There was an Assassin who was dressed like a SWAT officer who appeared to have a very Bullseye esq calling card.  See that reference below.  It would make sense to me if the backstory of Bullseye is built up as an assassin for hire before his eventual meeting with the devil of Hells Kitchen.

Another villain that has been hinted at is Stilt Man.  His Stilts have appeared numrous times in the Gladiators workshop.  However, I think he is less likely to appear.

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Lets go through these hidden secrets of the previous Daredevil seasons!


The Boxing Gym:
The first major Easter Eggs occur during the second episode of Daredevil called the Cutman.  In the boxing gym we see Jack Murdock (Daredevil's father) talking to a character known as the Fixer.  The Fixer is a known criminal in the comics.  We also see the name Barton in the background of the walls of the gym, this is a reference to Clint Barton aka Hawkeye on the Avengers.

The biggest reference is that Jack Murdock is set to battle Carl "Crusher" Creel who will later be known as the Absorbing Man.  The Absorbing Man has also appeared in episodes of Agents of SHIELD.

Ben Ulrich's Office:
On the wall of Ben Ulrich's office are some interesting headlines.
Harlem Terror, Battle of NY, and Finally Busted.

Harlem Terror has a picture of the Hulk on it.  This is a reference to Hulk's battle with Abomination in the film Incredible Hulk.  When I first saw this I thought it could also reference the Luke Cage villain known as Mr. Fish.  Mr Fish is certainly a Harlem Terror!  Mr Fish was created by Bill Mantlo who also created Rocket Raccoon.  It would have been neat for them to bring him into the MCU.  However, looking closely at the picture I am positive it references the Hulk.

The Battle of NY references the Chitauri invasion and subsequent battle with the Avengers in the film the Avengers.

Finally Busted - likely references the crack down on one of the early crime figures in Marvel's NYC.


 The China Connection:
This was written originally after season 1:

In Season 2 we learn that Gao and the Hand came from Kun Lun originally and thus share many cultural aspects with Danny and the Iron Fist.  This is why Gao uses the Serpent Symbol on her drugs.  She is not however Mother Crane as speculated below.  Just a Kun Lun refugee / Hand member who wants to live forever.

From Season 1:
Madame Gao at first seems to be the leader of the Chinese Triads in Fisk's criminal network.  However there are a variety of reasons to believe she is more than a simple old lady.  In fact I believe her to be a specific, and powerful Marvel character that has close ties to the Marvel hero Iron Fist.


A few facts on Madame Gao:
  • Madame Gao reveals to Owlsley that she is going home.  He asks her if she means China and shes says "Considerably farther."  
  • Madame Gao also tells Fisk that she can speak ALL languages fluently.
  • She is able to down Daredevil with a single blow
  • She has followers that are so cultishly loyal to her that they blind themselves
  • The drug she uses is called Still Dragon and uses the Steel Serpent symbol
All these facts lead me to believe that Gao is a specific character. Many think Madame Gao is from the city of Kun Lun.......This is not correct. She is from one of the other 7 Heavily Cities one called Kun-Zi.  Not only is she from Kun Zi but I think she is the leader of the city a character named Mother Crane.  Mother Crane is a thorn in the side of the hero Iron Fist.  She is also not above sacrificing her followers.  Mother Crane works with the nemesis of the Iron Fist.  She gives the Steel Serpent special Crane Daughters that provide Steel Serpent with great power.  The fact that Madame Gao uses the Steel Serpent symbol is another sign that she is really Mother Crane.
Madame Gao's drug uses the Steel Serpent symbol

The Owl
Leland Owlsley is a character through out the season.  However, he never has a chance to truly become the comic version of the Owl.  At one point Fisk's armorer costume man Melvin Potter makes Owlsley a suit that begins to look vaguely like his comic counterpart.  Maybe in the next series either Leland or his son could appear as the Owl.

Sticks and Stones
In the episode "Stick" we are introduced to the MCU version of Stick.  This version of Stick trained Matthew Murdock / Daredevil to be a warrior just like his comic counterpart.  We also learn that he is battling the Hand as part of his group the Chaste.  He assassinates a boy who is called the Black Sky.  Black Sky is referred to as a weapon of the Hand.   In the end of the episode Stick is talking to Stone a fellow member of the Chaste.
Stone asks if Murdock will be ready when the Gate is opened.

A few thoughts on this episode.

Blacksky - I do not know what the Black Sky is/was.  One thought is that he could be a resurrected warrior.  There is some precedence of this amongst the Hand/Chaste.  At one point the Chaste protect a child who they believe contains the soul of the resurrected Stick.  One warrior of the Hand he could is Kirigi the undying.

The Gate - This could refer to the coming of the 7 heavenly cities to Earth.  Cities like Kun Lun return to Earth every 10 years.  Potentially, Stick and Stone are looking for a warrior to become the Iron Fist and they are unaware of the existence of Danny Rand.

Nobu and the Hand
Nobu is introduced as being the representative of the Yakuza.   However, it is revealed that he is actually a representative of the evil ninja group called the Hand.   Nobu himself is shown to be a very capable ninja warrior.
Nobu is definitely a ninja, could he be the famous Hand warrior Kirigi the undying?  If he is Kirigi he could return to life in the next season.

Melvin Potter the Gladiator
Melvin Potter is introduced as a man who is skilled at creating armored suits for the Kingpin Wilson Fisk.  Daredevil shows up the show where the two battle.  At the end of the fight Melvin reveals that he simply does not want Fisk to hurt someone he loves.  In the end he agrees to use his skills to create Daredevil his first real costume.
A couple more things on Melvin.  He is one of the first villains faced by Daredevil in the comics but later reforms.  It seems that this Melvin has already reformed.  In his work shot there are what appears to be long legs.  Could these long legs be the future costume of the super villain called Stilt-Man.  While Stilt-Man may sound a bit silly he is one of Daredevil's longest lasting foes.  He appeared way back Daredevil #8 and continues to battle Daredevil to this day.  He uses a hardened suit of armor combined with telescopic legs to pull off heists.

SWAT Bullseye:
An assassin is hired by Fisk to frame to Daredevil for shooting police officers.  This man is shown as having a playing card in his gun bag.  This is likely a sign that the man is in fact the card loving psychopath, Bullseye.


The Greek Coed:

In Season 2 and Defenders:
 Elektra is introduced and the relationship between her and Matt is explored.  In Defenders she is brought back to life and turned into the Ultimate Weapon of the Hand.   Elektra in the comics had a very famous death at the hands of Bullseye.  However, it is not clear if that will be depicted in Daredevil Season 3.  It might make less sense given the fact that she has already died before.

Season 1:
During the Foggy Nelson and Matthew Murdock college flash back Foggy mentions a Greek girl.  This girl apparently had a relationship with Matthew Murdock.  This is a reference to one of Daredevil's most famous romantic relationships the one with Elektra Natchios.  Elektra is also trained by Murdock's sensei Stick.  She however is kicked out of the Chaste warrior order due to darkness in her heart.  She ends up becoming a successful assassin of the Hand ninjas.  Look for Elektra to show up in a future series.

One other great thing about the Daredevil series is that it is filmed in New York City so the backdrops we see are real.  The show also showcases many of the famous locations in the comic like Josie's Bar, and the Office of Nelson & Murdock. These are locations within the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood that Daredevil is famous for protecting.

St Agnes Orphanage:
Was the Orphanage that Matthew Murdock went into as a child the same as the one that Skye from Agents of SHIELD went to?  Its possible. 

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