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Spoiler free review of Daredevil Season 1 now on Netflix

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There are a few things you need to know about Daredevil.  First, it kicks ass.  It kicks lots and lots of ass.  It doesn't apologize about violence, blood, or brutality it just kicks ass and then when your not expecting it...Daredevil kicks even more ass.  So much ass is kicked that they had to import more ass into NYC just for Daredevil to kick it.  By this I mean to say that Daredevil is not just good, but has moments where it just blows you away.  It is not a nice, feel good movie, it is harsh, melancholic but also stunning, beautiful, and at times inexplicably elegant.

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This is not the Marvel formula we are used to, this is all around different.

If the previous Marvel films were like entering a sweet candy store, this would be like getting some Roscoes greasy fried chicken and waffles.  Its not as sweet, but in many ways more filling.   The visuals are not like Guardians of the Galaxy, they are subdued,  the fights don't feature laser beams or jets or aliens, just fists.  It feels quasi philosophical at moments, and doesn't shy way from true emotional drama, or even social issues.  None of the characters are perfect, they all carry demons and each of them is brought to life by amazing acting.

How is this different? The differences begin with the hero of Daredevil.

Daredevil bleeds and bleeds a lot.  As elegant as he is in some of these fights, he gets hit, and hit hard.  This is a hero who takes punishment and dishes it out.

Daredevil is morally complex and deep.  There is a greater internal struggle here than what we have seen in the past.  Does he defend a known hitman to pay for his legal bills?   Does he kill to stop a killer. Does he ask a woman to put her life on the line to take on a corrupt corporation.

The series is not just about Daredevil and quest for justice.  The is also full of a deep supporting cast.   Each brings their own tales and moral dilemmas issues.  Each is also brilliant in their role.  These are not the silly, goofy supporting cast of Marvel's other films.  They are serious and add a new layer to the perspective of the darkness overtaking Hellkitchen and the battle to reclaim it.   Many of these characters become heroes in their own right.

Apart from the Daredevil's tone and themes it is also set apart by the visuals.  The whole film uses different hues that gently overlay each scene.  These hues bring color to the night sequences and add another feelings to the urban landscape.

The final thing that makes Daredevil unique is its fight sequences.  The Daredevil film with Ben Affleck was criticized for fight scenes that cut in and out chaotically.  The show on the other hand seems to attempt to do the opposite.  There are long fight scenes with no apparent cut scene.  One such scene takes in the 2nd episode in the hallway, the fight moves into rooms, then back into the hallway, but the camera never seems to cut.  This is not the only fight scene that stands out, there are many.  In all the fight sequences within this series may some of the best of their kind to have ever appeared in a Western film or show. 

There is a lot of darkness in this series, but it may also be the most beautiful thing I have ever come out of Marvel.

See it, savor it, you will not be disappointed.

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