Who is Weather Wizard?

Who is Weather Wizard?

Weather Wizard is a DC villain known for Battling the speedster superhero the Flash.  The Weather Wizard has the ability to control the weather typically through use of a wand device.  In one story Weather Wizard killed the kid Flash aka Bart Allen.

First Appearance: The Flash #110 (V1 1959)

Real Name:  Mark Mardon

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Mark Mardon was a criminal prisoner.  One day while being transported he escapes by jumping out the window.  He flees to his brother's house.  At his brother house Mark either discovers his brother dead or kills him (Depending on the story).  He finds that prior to his death his brother had discovered a way to control the weather using a special wand like device.  Mark takes his brother's notes on the device and begins using it as a criminal.  He becomes the super villain known as Weather Wizard.

His plots have typically been foiled by the hero, the Flash.  Leading Mark to greatly detest the hero.


  • Ability to control the weather through the use of a wand.
  • Can fire lightning blasts
  • Create blizzards, tornadoes and storms
  • Can fly using wind currents

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