Who is Ron / Sam Anderson from the Walking Dead?


Who is Ron Anderson from the Walking Dead?

Ron Anderson is a character in the Walking Dead comics and TV show.  He is the son of Pete and Jessie Anderson.  When Pete is revealed to be abusive toward Ron and his mother, Rick Grimes confronts his father.  The confrontation leads to Rick executing Pete.  The death of his father leaves Ron confused, he is not given much time to work through this as he is shortly there after eaten by zombies.

First appearance: The Walking Dead #70
Last appearance: The Walking Dead #83

Pete and his wife Jessie live in the Alexandria Safe Zone with their son Ron.  Pete is a doctor and is well respected in the community.  At a welcoming party Rick notices that Jessie looks morose.   Rick also notices that Ron has a black eye.  He is able to put together the signs that her husband Pete is abusive.  Not willing to stand for this he intercedes.  Rick ends up confronting and eventually killing Pete.  The move initially creates friction with the Alexandria residents.   However, when they learn that Pete was abusive they back down.  Some residents knew that Pete was abusive but were willing to tolerate it due to the fact that he was a doctor and considered too valuable.

After Rick ends up killing Pete, Ron is confused.  He asks Carl why his father gets to live and his did not.  Carl is not very patient or sympathetic with this line of questioning and cuts Ron off.  Ron is left confused by this.

Late he and his mother are devoured by a massive herd of zombies.



In the TV episode the Andersons have two children Ron and Sam.  Sam is the younger one similar to the comic version of Ron.  Ron on the TV series is a teenager who is closer to the age of Carl.

Ron hangs out with Carl and invites him to play video games with the other teens of Alexandria.  Ron seems to be nice and welcoming to Carl.

Sam the younger son follows Carol and catches her stealing guns.  She threatens him to not tell anyone and also offers to bake him cookies if cooperates.  Sam follows Carol again and gets her to show him how to make cookies.  During their time together Sam reveals that he broke his own Owl statue out of rage.   Carol sees signs that Pete is abusing Sam and likely Jessie.  She tells this to Rick.  Rick seems to have already sized up Pete as being a potential issue.
There is also signs of a group similar to the Scavengers around Alexandria called the Wolves.  In the comics this group attacks Alexandria right after Rick confronts Pete.

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