Walking Dead promo for Try


Walking Dead promo for the episode "Try"

Deanna Monroe the leader of Alexandria Safe Zone is not going to be very happy in the next episode of the Walking Dead.

1) Gabriel comes into her office and compares the other survivors to lucifer or a false light.  While Deanna brushed it off his words did strike a chord.

2) Abraham took over the construction crew from Tobin.  Adding another member of Rick's crew into a  position of power.

3) Finally and this is a biggie her son was just killed on a run with Glenn.  It was due to his own stupidity but I doubt the one wussy survivor of Alexandria can be counted on to come clean with how it went down.  Deanna is going to have to bury her son.

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What is more we know that Rick is about to confront the town's doctor Pete for abusing his wife and children, which is not likely to prove to be popular with the Alexandrians.

The biggest weight on Deanna's mind may be the fact that Rick could be more prepared to lead the town than she is.  For a big ego like hers that may be a very tough pill to swallow.

What is coming down the pipe is a confrontation between the two groups, but it may not come to blows.  What will likely occur is a battle either between the human Wolves, or a group of Walkers that will prove who is more ready and capable.

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