Toylab's Hall of Legends

Welcome to the hallowed inner sanctum of the Toylab offices, ie the Hall of Legends.

This is the place where Toylab honors those who have worked hard to make the site a success.

Legends of The Hydralab Event I:
Hydralab Hub  Posts can be found under #Hydralab

Description:  A major event featuring numerous blogging posts, comments, and shared pictures to create an interactive story where members of the villainous Marvel organization Hydra took control of the Toylab blog and renamed it Hydralab. A total of 37 different posts were created or used during the event.

A big thank you goes out to:

Honored Bloggers:
  • Scoobs - 15 posts
  • Matty - 6 posts and handled all comments during the event.
  • Darth -10 posts
  • Mrs B - 5 posts
  • Beardy - 2 posts

Major Commenters: 
 Many commenters - commented, +1ed and shared the Hydralab posts.  The interactivity created by this group of fine individuals helped it be a smashing success.
+Dito Alvarez
+Andre' Cannon
+Timother Cooker
+Ryan Zarate
+Joseph Mendez
+Helena Bertinelli

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The Toylab Vault - Full of special comics 

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