Toylab Cool Pix: Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer 3 stills

Some awesome stuff here.  Marvel is doing there own form of March Madness here.

This film has so much eye candy its its its.....No adjective fits....You just need to see this thing for yourself.

See the epic trailer here:
I think I have watched 20 times already:
Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer 3 

Let go through some of these pictures:

The first picture is so epic it is one of those things that I have seen a million times in a comic book but thought I would never see in a film.  Its all 5 Avengers fighting together in the same shot.  Not a Thor shot, quickly moving to a Hulk shot, No.  All 5 together.  Its just an epic feast for the eyes.

The next shot we see Iron Man, Thor, and I think Cap? confronting Ultron and the twins.

A picture of angry Mark I Ultron

A picture of a mystery female.  My guess is she is potentially Lady Hydra, or just Black Widow carrying some Hydra toys.

Ultron pontificating.

Here is Ultron commanding his troops.

Iron Man landing on Ice


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