New Fantastic Four poster released

Fantastic Four 2015 poster

This is a little more interesting that previous photos because we can see all of the Fantastic Four using their powers a bit.  It definetly has a subtler touch than previous installments.

  • You can see that the Invisible Woman  is slightly translucent from using her powers.
  • Human Torch has his hand on fire.
  • The Thing is the same as the previous poster, he is still the Thing
  • Still no sign of Reed Richards using his powers yet.
It still has a very foreboding overall feel to it.

Other new pictures:

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New Fantastic Four picture posted with a cryptic line:

"No military can constrain their power to change the world."

Is this supposed to mean that the Fantastic Four CAN constrain themselves?  Is this a justification for their existence?

New posters released in July:

I like the one that features Doctor Doom.  They do look a little cheesy which would be fine if not for the fact of how serious the film seems to take itself.

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