Nebulon-B Frigate - Facts and Stats in Star Wars Armada

Nebulon-B: Facts and Stats in Star Wars Armada

The Nebulon-B Frigate was a capital ship designed to protect convoys of the Empire from the Rebels.  It is about 300 meters long.  The ships though designed and built for the empire are more associated with the rebellion as they were used by Rebel forces in Return of the Jedi.

The ship was designed to carry a heavy armanent as well as a carrier:
12 Turbo lasers
12 Laswer Cannons
Holding area for 24 TIE fighters

Despite being well armed the Nebulon featured a glaring weak point along its midsection.  This light area could be targeted by heavy fire breaking the ship in two and effectively destroying it.

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Stats in the Star Wars Armada Game:
Here are the stat cards for the Nebulon-B Escort Frigate

The Nebulon-B Frigate can fielded in two roles, as a Support Refit and as an Escort Frigate.  Both roles are fairly powerful. Both ships have the same shields, hull, attack dice and upgrade capabilities.  Also notice that both share the same glaring weakness to their side shields.  A big part of using the Nebulon B will be in attempting to keep the front of the ship toward the enemy.

  • Support Refit -
    •  Costs  51 Fleet Points
  • Escort Frigate -
    •  Costs 57 Fleet Points  
    •  Has as extra anti squadron (Blue dice) and an extra Squadron

The Escort Frigate costs more but can allow you to use the Nebulon B as a kind of carrier.  This could be highly useful if you give it the Yavaris title available in the Nebulon B expansion.  The Yavaris title allows fighter squadrons to attack twice when activated so long as they do not move.  Consider adding Luke Skywalker to the mix as well.  His power of treating target ships as if they have no shields could allow the Squadrons of the Nebulon to deal a real haymaker upon activation.

The Support Refit is designed to be used as a direct attacker.  It is still a powerful ship and comes at a discount of 6 Fleet points.  Consider giving it the Salvation title which gives extra to each successful attack from its front zone.  This is kind of doubling down on Nebulon B's need to keep its front toward the enemy.  Other upgrades to consider are turbo lasers and the intel officer.

For me personally I think the Escort Frigate use of fighters make it the better choice.  However, this will depend on each Admiral's strategy.

Nebulon B  Frigate Expansion Pack:
The Nebulon B Frigate comes in the Core set and as an expansion pack to Star Wars Armada.  The expansion pack comes with different officers and upgrades for greater customization.

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