Who is Paul Monroe / Jesus on the Walking Dead?


Who is Paul Monroe / Jesus on the Walking Dead?
Paul Monroe AKA Jesus is a fan favorite character of the Walking Dead comic series.  He is a very slick, and intelligent character that in many ways rivals the series main protagonist Rick Grimes.  Paul Monroe is also a morally strong character who is both courageous and kind.  He is important for introducing the Rick Grimes group to a wider world, and becomes instrumental in their battle with the Saviors, and in the events of rebuilding the world.  Actor Tom Payne plays Jesus in the 6th season of Walking Dead.

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Very little is known about Paul Monroe prior to the apocalypse other than the fact that he likely lived somewhere near Washington DC.

Paul Monroe is an extreme survivalist who is very adept and living in the Zombie Apocalypse.  His bearded appearance and amazing feats earn him the nickname of Jesus in the Hill Top Community.    Paul is seen as something of leader / folk hero in the Hill Top Community.  The Saviors arrive at the community and demand a very large tribute.  The tribute being demanded by the Saviors is extremely high and will break the community.  In order to save the community Paul makes a plan with community's leader Gregory to create trade routes with other communities.  He hopes this will relieve pressure on the Hill Top.  Paul then leaves the Hill Top as a scout to find and make agreements with these communities.

Meeting Rick:
Paul comes across  the Alexandria Safe Zone.  He attacks and captures Michone and Abraham.  He asks them to take them to their leader.  They bring him to Rick who after a short talk acts like he is going to shake Paul's hand.  However, Rick does not trust the new guy, especially after just dealing with the Hunters and the Governor.  As they go to shake hands, Rick knocks out Paul and captures him.  It should be noted that Paul took out two of Rick's best warriors in Michonne and Abraham and this added to his need to take caution.

Paul remains a prisoner of the group for a time.  A change occurs when Carl goes into his cell and has a conversation with him.  Rick interrupts them talking and is furious at Carl for going into the cell.  Carl points out to his father that if Paul was a bad man that he could have killed him awhile ago.  Rick stills does not trust Paul but does agree that Carl has a point.  He also is beginning to step back from the ledge that all people he meets are necessarily bad.  Rick asks Paul to lead them to his town.  He tells him that if he does not like what he sees there he will put a bullet in his head.  Paul responds that he finds the terms acceptable but points out that he does not have a choice.

Meeting with Hilltop:
Paul is tied up as he is transported by Rick and a small group to Hilltop.  Along the way Paul reveals that he was easily able to get out of his bindings.  If he had wished to he had killed the group while they slept.  This impresses Rick. Along the way to Hilltop, Rick and Paul acquire a mutual respect for one another.  Paul helps smooth over a tense situation on the meeting between Rick and the Hilltop community.  

Through uniting the communities, and battling the Saviors, Paul becomes seen as Rick's right hand man.  In this he could be seen as the latest version of a Abraham.  He also often serves as a moral compass in the vein of a Herschel, Dale, and Tyrese.

Paul Monroe is very slick.  He is a very good fighter, stealthy, and is tactically very intelligent.  These attributes have made him into one of the most important followers of Rick Grimes.

While Paul Monroe is not explicitly religious he is however given the nickname Jesus.  He is later revealed to be a homosexual which has lead to some criticism toward Kirkman (Writer/Creator of The Walking Dead) of using the character to poke at the beliefs of fundamentalist Christians.

TV show:
Actor Tom Payne plays Paul Monroe/Jesus in the 6th season of Walking Dead.  Tom Payne is most known for being in the show, Luck.
The appearance of Jesus in the 6th season is a harbinger for the group meeting both with the Hilltop community and the nefarious Saviors.

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