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The Saviors are a brutal group of survivors in the world of the Walking Dead.  The Saviors operate like a mafia protection racket.  They go around to different communities and ask for an "Offering" that is made up 50% of the resources of the community.  The communities that pay the offering receive martial help in killing off walkers (Zombies) around the community.  The communities that refuse to pay Saviors are brutally destroyed.

The Saviors are the largest and most organized force that Rick Grimes has come across.  They are also responsible for killing many of the groups members.

Leader:  Negan

Base: Sanctuary

First Appearance: The Walking Dead #97

Well known Members:
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The Saviors were initially a security group within the Hill Top Community.  The strongest and most violent members of the community joined this group.  A personality cult began to develop around the group's leader, Negan.  Eventually, Negan branched off on his own.  He then set out to force the Hill Top and other communities to pay his group tribute.  Groups that do not provide the tribute are destroyed.

The Saviors are able to build one large base called Sanctuary  and numerous small outposts.  From many of the outposts they are able to watch the communities they are extorting.

The Saviors racket is working and they are growing into a large powerful group before Rick Grimes and his group enter the equation.
At first the Saviors succeed in brutalizing, humiliating and intimidating Rick. However Rick creates a plan to eliminate the Saviors.
Rick Grimes says he will be paid communities to protect them from the Saviors.  As Rick seems for more sane and morally upright than Negan multiple communities agree to support him in an uprising.  The result of this is the story All Out War.  In the All Out War storyline many characters on both sides are killed but ends with the capture of the Savior leader Negan.

After being beaten the remaining Saviors follow the orders of Dwight.  Dwight acted as an informant for Rick during the All Out War story.  The remaining Saviors are part of Grime's Network of Communities.


The Saviors are personality cult built around the insane Negan.  Negan is interesting in that at times he can genuinely treat people well provided they follow his rules.  He even gives others grudging respect at times.  The problem is that when people break his rules they receive swift, brutal and terrible punishment.
His rules also establish him solidly as a tyrant without any illusions of democratic or republic process.

The Saviors seem to use a type of points as currency.  These are awarded by Negan.

The Saviors are divided up amongst different groups.  He has his wives, guards and rest of the population.  Negan has a harem that he calls his Wives.  They are women who were taken from those he has subjugated or from other Saviors.  In many cases these women had other husbands.  If the women are found to be sleeping with other men or their former husbands the husbands are punished.   The punishment is to have their face melted off with a red hot iron.


Do the Saviors Rape?
Despite his brutality Negan is at times shown as being fair.  He at one point kills a man for attempting to rape a prisoner named Holly.   Negans says that Saviors do not rape and it is against the rules.  However, Negan often threatens to rape both men and women.  Generally, it seems that Saviors are not supposed to rape people but Negan can do what he wants.

Negan also seems to have a soft spot for children.  

Martial Skills:
On numerous occasions the Saviors are shown to have very strong martial skills.  They have a variety of cold blooded killers, snipers, and hand to hand to fighters.  Their primarily weakness is that many within the group secretly oppose Negan.

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