What is Postal?

 Postal #1 preview

Postal is an upcoming comic from Topcow.  The art from the series has really caught my eye.  It has a haunting quality that kind of reminds me of the Silent Hill video games.  The art is smooth and vibrant but it also carries elements like fog that add to a heavy bit of mystery.   Each cover has a few subtle symbols and items that create questions.

So the mystery grows.......what is Postal?

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 Postal focuses on a small town in Wyoming called Eden that is a bit disconnected from the rest of the world.  They officials that run the town have a special relationship with criminal community.  You can come to Eden for 6 months.  The town will surgically alter your appearance and provide you with a new identity then you can leave and go about your business.

The criminals in return pay the town handsomely and also agree to not commit any crimes.  Crime would of course draw attention to the town so order is absolutely necessary.

Then someone is murdered.......and the whole town goes into disarray.

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