What is the Cloak of Levitation?


What is the Cloak of Levitation?

The Cloak of Levitation is one of Doctor Strange's special relics.  It is large a cape that he wears and uses to fly.

First Appearance: Strange Tales #127

The Ancient One gave Cloak to Doctor Strange after he first defeated Dormammu.  It was originally made by Eriniathon the Weaver.  Who used the Cloak of Levitation after its creation is shrouded in mystery. At some point the Cloak begins to be used by the world's acting Sorcerer Supreme.

The cloak is worn and used by the Ancient One.  The Ancient One bestows the Cloak to Doctor Strange after his first victory over the dreaded Dormammu.

Strange once had to mend the cloak mystically as a test for the Living Tribunal.  This was no small task as the Cloak can only be mended through intricate mystical means.

After the use of dark magic including the powers of Zom, Doctor Strange was tainted.  In his tainted state he could no longer serve as Sorcerer Supreme.  The mantle of Sorcerer Supreme moved Doctor Voodoo who was provided the cloak along with the title.


  • Flight- Allows the wearer to fly
  • Telepathic control - Can be controlled telepathically, or by commands even when it is not being worn
  • Shielding  - Can be used as shield as it is very strong
  • Illusion/Alter Appearance - Can alter appearance to be another form of clothing
  • Animated - The cloak can act as limbs, block, grab and strike for the user of the cloak.
  • Separate Mind - At times the cloak has been shown to have a mind of its own and capability of solving problems without the help of a user.

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The Cloak of Levitation has some major scene stealing moments in the MCU blockbuster Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange encounters the cloak of Levitation on a visit to the Sanctum of NYC.  There he finds the Sanctum under attack by Kaecilius and his Zealots.  The Cloak is shown in a case but after the case is broken it becomes animated.   The cloak then moves and begins helping Doctor Strange in defending the Sanctum.  The Cloak is shown to have a mind of its own and helps Strange by pulling him toward magical artifacts that can be used as weapons.

Earlier in the film Baron Mordo explains that an artifact chooses its user.  In some sense this seems to be similar to how Mjolnir chooses Thor as its user.  Baron Mordo and the Ancient One are impressed when the Cloak chooses Doctor Strange as its master.

The collar of cloak is initially down but Doctor Strange pops it up to resemble his traditional horned collar appearance from the comics.

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