Ultron statue by Sideshow Collectables


 I have to show this statue of Ultron sitting on a throne by Sideshow Collectables. Can you say  Ridiculous!  It looks like you can either put Hank Pym's or the Vision's head in his hand.  This is an interesting concept because either Ultron is pondering his own creation and his own ability to create, or he is pondering his own creator.

The is part of the crux of Ultron.  You kind of have this view that echoes things in literature like Milton Paradises Lost where Satan is looking at his creator God and is mad with him.  Basically feeling like he was set up to fail to the flawed plans and designs of his creator.

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Sideshow Collectables also makes this standing version of Ultron.  Which is also very impressive.  I still like the overall thematic quality of the one sitting on the throne better.  This one might be a little more dramatic though.




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