This is Steve Rogers the man many of you know as Captain America.

I have good news.  Great news really.  I am a member of Hydra.  That is right all those years of punching Nazis was actually just an overly elaborate scheme that took me 80 years to build upon.  Finally, I am ready after recruiting an army of supervillains to take over the world.  Granted all of these super villains have failed to defeat any Marvel hero over the past zillion years but this time will be different.  This time I will be helping them!

To begin my genuis plan of taking over the planet is seems right to start what is nonuniversally, and nonwidely known as the greatest comic blog on the planet.  Perhaps the universe, yeah probably the universe the chitauri don't seem very interested in blogging.  That is right I have taken over the TOYLAB.

TOYLAB shall hitherto be renamed HYDRALAB!!!!!!!!!!


See Hydra Lab's special propaganda video specially designed to brainwash you into subscribing to our Youtube Channel!

Steve Rogers Update: Day 2
The takeover of Toylab and creation of Hydra Lab has gone swimmingly.  However we have noticed a splinter cell within the office has begun posting on our GREATEST BLOG in the UNIVERSE.  This agitation will be dealt with.  Anyone who will helps this so called Resistance will treated as an enemy of Hydra!

We monitoring their chatter and FAKE NEWS.

The Resistance

The Hydralab Story:

Learn about Marvel's upcoming event Secret Empire and Hydra Take Over.

Secret Empire Hydra Takeover

Time for a shout out to some of our Glorious leaders:

Meet Baron Von Strucker!
Meet Baron Heinrich Zemo! 
Meet Baron Helmut Zemo?
Meet the Kraken! 
Meet Crossbones!

Check out our devilish Propaganda or art work:
Hydralab Cool Pix: Baron Von Strucker!
Hydralab Cool Pix: Crossbones! 
Hydralab Cool Pix: Baron Nemo! 
Hydralab Cool Pix: The Red Skull!
Hydralab Cool Pix: Madame Hydra / Viper
Hail Hydra Video - History of Hydra in the MCU

Hydra Cosplay an Appreciation of Power:
Baron Zemo in Cosplay
Lady Hydra cosplay by Callie Cosplay 
Madame Hydra cosplay by Yaya Han
Crossbones in cosplay! 

Hydra Cribs:
Drool over our Diabolical Secret Bases and Lairs:
First stop: HYDRA ISLAND
Baron Zemo's Folding Castle
The Flying Island

Hydra Toys! Yes, we still like our toys:
Avengers: Age of Ultron Lego Sets
Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer in Lego form!
Lego Age of Ultron Comic book Part 1
Avengers Tower - Lego Set
Hydra Showdown! - Lego Set

Original Hydra Lab
The first time Hydra took over Toylab was in 2015.  This is that story:
Lets take a look at how Hydra took over the Toylab:

Lets take a moment to introduce ourselves:
Meet Grant Ward! 
Meet Agent 33!

Toylab is taken over by Grant Ward and Agent 33
Morning commentary from your new Overlords!
Lunchtime with Crossbones 
Exclusive Interview with Baron Helmut Zemo! 
Hydra Fashion Show Part I
Hydra Fashion Show Part II 
The SHIELD force within Toylab continues to Fight
Hydra Cribs
The Final Battle and Free at last

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