The best Valentines themed Marvel comics

Here are some fun and lovely Marvel issues to read  on Valentines Day

Toylab's Valentines Day Special 

Deadpool # 27
Deadpool 27 is cool because it is both the issue where Deadpool gets married, and is a Guiness Record holder for having the most characters on its cover.
Plus its a Deadpool comic!

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 (1997)
In this famous issue Peter Parker aka Spider-Man marries his longtime sweet heart Mary Jane.  Lets ignore the fact that their marriage was written away in the Brand New Day story and just enjoy this issue for two longtime lovers tying the knot.

Want some darker Valentines Day reads how about:

Punisher My Bloody Valentine

Harley Quinn Valentines Day Special!

Toylab's Valentines Day Special 

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