The battle rages within Toylab!

Scrambled message....

Agent Simmons:  Loyal SHIELD Agents do not worry the battle for Toylab is not lost.  A small force of loyal SHIELD supporters is holding out in Toylab's Comic Vault....which is quite extensive.  Fitz is enjoying himself immensely.  Anyways we are calling on our supporters to not give up hope...
Toylab camera - 41 comic vault

....The Calvary is coming :)  we just need you guys to......
Toylab camera - 22 Garage Entrance
 Agent Ward:  Scramble that message....Did I just see who I think I did on the cameras.

Agent 33:  Just looking at her makes my face hurt.

Agent Ward:  Makes me hurt all over.  Crossbones come in, we have some guests that are arriving.

Crossbones:  Do they want some pie?  I have left overs of Pie-Dra.

 Agent Ward:  The only thing I want you to feed them is a knuckle sandwich.

Crossbones:  My specialty

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