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Grant Ward: For far too long this Blog has been used to spout off nonsense about how great Coulson is.  I am here to tell you that Coulson is evil, and that we, Hydra are good.  I know, I know that whole Nazi business was pretty ugly, but we evolved, we grew and changed.  In part due to the guidance of one brilliant mind.  A mind that mixed altruism with flat out power!....My hero.......BARON ZEMO!

Agent 33:  Is it true that we are going to interview Baron Zemo today?  

Grant Ward:  Geez 33 you just ruined it, I was on a freaking roll.  You are the worst Co-Host / Overlord of the sheeples EVER! 

But you are right we are going to interview Baron Zemo later today.   We will also be having a Hydra Fashion Show, grabbing some food courtesy of the culinary talents of Crossbones.  We might even take a gander at some famous Hydra bases.

Agent 33:  Golly Grant we are so much better than those other bloggers who we tied up in basement.

 Hey do you think we can ask Zemo about what it was like to fight Captain America in WW2?

Grant Ward:  33!?! That Baron Zemo is dead, this is Baron Helmut Zemo the younger one.  His father Heinrich was the one that fought in WW2.

Agent 33: Oh, .....Well we could still ask him about it.

Grant Ward: It is now obvious what we must do.  Before we interview one of the greatest men ever to wear a Hydra uniform we need to educate the masses!  We need to teach them all about ZEMO!!!!

Agent 33: Zemo Zemo Zemooooooo


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