HydraLab - Hydra has taken over


Tape recorded transcript from this morning in the once tranquil Toylab Offices. 
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"Knock Knock"

Scoobs:   Hey can someone let in the burrito guy!

Matty:  Sure man......Wait that is not a Breakfast Burrito delivery guy that is Grant Ward and ............HYDRA...HYDRA is infiltrating Toylab!!!! 

Scoobs and Matty:  "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH we just wanted Burritos!  Freaking Hydra ruining our breakfasts again, lets go this way, wait wait, who is that Lady.  Is that Agent May?  May help us!  Wait......Thats not May thats Agent 33.

Agent 33: You two are coming with me...Hail Hydra

Grant Ward:  This is Grant Ward, I will be your Blog DJ for the time being.   The previous bloggers here are currently....indisposed.  The content on this blog is about to get far more.........Enlightening.

Put on your safety belts kids this ride is about to get BUMPY!

Hail Hydra!

Hydralab posts - The Only freaking posts you should care about! 

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