Hydralab the Hydra Fashion Show (Part II)


 Welcome to the Fashion show to beat all Fashion shows!  Actually we might beat them literally.

Join Hydra!
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Grant Ward: DJ hit the music lets get this show popping!

Agent 33:  Here come the glorious Hydra troopers of WWII look at these guys march.  So amazing so uniform!

Grant Ward: An impressive display!




Agent 33:  Now here comes our modern troopers in their beautifully insidious green uniforms.

Grant Ward: Not going to lie I liked the old black uniforms better.  Much more scary.

Agent 33:  Really? I think they have cute uniforms.

Grant Ward: O' brother!




 Grant Ward:  Well I do like these guys helmets.  Those are cool.

Hydralab posts - The Only freaking posts you should care about!


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