Hydralab Cribs: Baron Zemo's Folding Castle


Hydralab: Hydra Cribs the Folding Castle

The Folding Castle was a special base created by Baron Zemo.

First Appearance
New Thunderbolts #17/ or Thunderbolts #98 (2006)
The area for Atlas and Smuggler was the Wisconsin farm they grew up in.

The Fixers area was a massive laboratory in NYC.

Songbird and Joystick had their own Manhattan apartment so connected to the castle.

Radioactive Man's area was where he grew up in China.

Sword man's area seemed to be an old Hydra base.

 Other areas remained unrevealed but the Folding Castle could create portals to any where on Earth making it highly customizable.

On top of the living areas for the members the Folding Castle also connected to a large prison called the Detention Quadrant.


Earth in the Marvel universe 
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