Hydra Cribs -

Hydra Cribs

Grant Ward:  Its time to take a look at some of the most famous Hydra bases in history.

Agent 33: Why do we call this series Cribs and not Lairs?

Grant Ward:  Well MTV Cribs was one of Hydra's most successful shows of all time. 

Agent 33:  Really, Hydra took control of MTV?

Grant Ward:  Why do you think they stopped playing music Muahahhahahahahaha.


Agent 33: We have some great Hydra cribs coming up including a Castle and an Island!

Hydra Cribs:
First lets take a look at a famous island that Baron Von Strucker long called  home:
First stop: HYDRA ISLAND

Baron Zemo totally rethought and recreated the way people thought of a base with his amazing Folding Castle:
Baron Zemo's Folding Castle

How do you improve upon Hydra Island?  You make it fly!
The Flying Island

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