How the Superbowl showdown between Captain America and Star-Lord ended!

The great Superbowl battle between Star-Lord vs Captain America show down here is how it went down!
It looks like both Chris Evans and Chris Pratt actually sat together at the game.   They both rooted for their team while showing great sportsmanship.

The big winner of the game wasn't the Patriots but humanity and class.  Kudos to both Chris Evans and Chris Pratt for putting on a class on sportsmanship and class.  Anyone who has been around sick children knows that they are real heroes and are more than deserving of an appearance from Captain America and Starlord.  I know both of these guys have done this type of thing before.  I think everyone, not just celebrities should take some notes on how we all can do a little more for our communities.

Thank you to both of you Super Heroes!

At the Superbowl - StarLord and Captain America 

Who is Captain America?

Who is Star-Lord?

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