Goodies from Scott Derrickson's (Doctor Strange's Director) tweets

Scott's Derrickson is working on a few projects that I am very interested in.   A film version of the Outer Limits, The Breathing Method by Stephen King, Deus Ex and of course Doctor freaking Strange.  To those who don't know, Scott Derrickson is set to direct the Marvel film Doctor Strange.  The film will bring the Sorceror Supreme and the entire magical world of Marvel to life.
I also saw him him at a little film fest in Denver at the Alamo Draft House and thought he was cool.  Cool in a very geeky way,  you know, the way I am cool.

Long story short, I have begun following Scott on twitter.  Honestly, I have been hoping to find a piece of concept art or some little tiddly bits on Doctor Strange.  This I have not seen much of other than:

Strange Director tweets out interesting photo

However, there is a ton of interesting stuff on his twitter feed.  There is a lot of items torn from theology and philosophy which  are very interesting because this is the guy who has been tasked with explaining the esoteric magical worlds of Marvel and grounding such that it can exist side by side with Captain America.  Not an easy task.  Scott though seems to have a very good handle on this as his tweets mix musings from atheistic poets to religious teachings.  He is clearly a ponderer, a thinker, a lover of the big, deep thoughts.

One thing I think you can begin to see is why Marvel hired this guy for Doctor Strange and perhaps it gives you a glimmer of his thought process.

 Here are some of his esoteric musings:

Alright that makes for a pretty heavy cocktail of thought so lets lighten it up some.
There are also some fun things on there like this:

Doctor Strange Movie - news, casting, art and more
Strange Director tweets out interesting photo 

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