Competition between Silk and Spider-Gwen

Is there a competition between Silk and Spider-Gwen?

Both are new female super-heroes, both have spun out Spider-Man universe, both have self-titled series starting in February.   It seems somewhat natural that comic fans are going to compare the sales of both characters #1s.  I personally think that Spider-Gwen is going to sell more simply because of the awesome variants coming out for it.  In many ways though Silk is a more original character, with a variety of unique aspects we have not seen from a comic character.

As Feb draws closer the question looms large, who will win?

Silk or Spider-Gwen?

Then I read this post from Spider-Man sage Dan Slott:

I think Dan makes an excellent point here.  Why can't their be both a Silk and a Spider-Gwen.  Do they necessarily cannibalize the same readership? I am really not sure yet.  I do know that I find them both to be some of the better female characters out in comics right now.

So lets take a tip from Slott and instead of worrying about which character sells more just enjoy that we have two new great female characters.

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