Alexandria Safe-Zone in The Walking Dead

Alexandria Safe-Zone in The Walking Dead

The Alexandria Safe-Zone is community protected by walls that is encountered by the Rick Grimes group. 

At the time of their arrival the Rick Grimes crew is at an all time low.  They lost many members in the battle with the Governor and with the Hunters.  They also lost members on the road.  They are hungry and weary when they arrive at Alexandria Safe Zone.  The group quickly joins the community and becomes vital to building up the community, defending it, and leading it.

A man named Alexander Davidson build the walls around the Safe Zone.  He invites his friend Douglas Monroe to come and be his Co-leader.   Alexander begins taking advantage of women forcing Douglas to banish him and take over as leader.  When Rick arrives Douglas leads around 60 residents.

After Rick's group becomes instrumental in defending the community from a massive herd of zombies Douglas gives control of the group to Rick.

The community is partially destroyed in the war with Saviors.  This forces the survivors to stay temporarily in the community of Hilltop.  However, it has since been shown to be rebuilt and functioning.

Alexandria, Virginia about 6 miles from Washington DC

Leaders of the Safe Zone:
Alexandria Safe Zone Residents:

Anderson Family:

First Appearance:
The Walking Dead #69

  • Walls
  • Guard towers for snipers
  • Reinforced Gate

Other Attributes / Resources: -
Agriculture is now up and running within the Walls
The community has  a large reinforced gate and a road to other communities

 Some of these were added  after being rebuilt.

  • Armory / Storehouse
  • Fields with Crops
  • Fruit Orchards
  •  Grain Mills
  • Eugene's ammo factory
  • Church - Run by Gabriel Stokes
  • General Store
  • Numerous houses
  • Isolated Powergrid - There is a small power grid that is improved upon by Abraham and Tobin.  It generates enough power for some but not all houses to have hot water and lights.

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