A breakdown of the Daredevil Teaser


Here is the full Daredevil teaser

Some thoughts on it:
It looks like the TV show will be heavily based off of the Mark Millar run on Daredevil.  This is a good thing.  Millar's run was punctuated with a gritty, street fighting almost noir like style that will work well on TV.  This is going to be a more brutal, gritty hero than anything we have seen in Marvel's MCU yet.  This is a hero is going to get  injured and bleed, but he is also going to viciously attack criminals.  He is intelligent but morally hardened and gray.

One thing that leaps out at me is the cinematography.  I do not normally notice the subtleties of film making in a Super Hero Show/Movie but the first images from Daredevil are very striking.  There is a lot of darkness in the images but there is a lot more going on than sheer darkness.    The gloom in every picture is punctuated with ascents of color and lights.  All of the colors have this overall hue to them whether it is a yellow or a blue.  So its not just gloom its beautified gloom.  The night scenes remind me of another brilliantly filmed movie called Collateral with Tom Cruise.  That movie takes place entirely at night, but the night is brought to life in all these subtle colors and hues.  

This actors all look top notch but the overall direction seems so strong that any one could look good.  No corny lines are uttered.  All of these details create the strong impression that this show is going to be something different and will force everyone to take it seriously.

Looking at some pictures:

Here we see look of the series.  Darkness punctuated with lights and colors in yellow and blue/green hues.


I love this first picture of Stick.  Talk about a blind guy looking like a bad man.

Of course Marvel had to sneak in the abs shot.  Want to play a male super hero for Marvel?  Start doing crunchies now.


I love this picture of the Kingpin, staring at a rather plain piece of art.  It is a simple but automatically haunting scene. There is so little on the canvas, but you can almost feel that he is filling up the space with thoughts and emotions raging through his mind.  This is a man who has dark secrets, rage, all covered up in a nice suit.


Daredevil staring out from a broken window.  No doubt one he just tossed someone from.


I love this picture.  Is this the first meeting between Matthew Murdock and the Fisk?  Or should we say Daredevil and the Kingpin!  The bad man is moving toward him like this big nebulous shadow.

A great picture of Daredevil's first all black costume.  I have no doubt that overtime this will be altered.


What did you think of the Trailer?

The Defenders Saga - Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones 

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