Who will Edward James Olmos play on Agents of SHIELD


Who will Edward James Olmos play on Agents of SHIELD?

Edward James Olmos has been confirmed to be a character in Agents of SHIELD's remaining 2nd season.  Who will he be?

Answer:  Robert Gonzales

He will play a character called Robert Gonzales.   Nobody knows exactly who this character will be but everyone assumes he will be a big deal.  Olmos is considered to be a dramatic heavy hitter, so I expect the character will be important.

Some Comic Ideas:

Vincent Gonzales:
There is a Vin Gonzales who is Peter Parker's roomate for awhile.  He is police detective trying to bring down Spider-Man.  He later revealed to an acolyte of sorts of the original Green Goblin, Norman Osborn.
I don't see Vincent Gonzales having anything to do with the Robert Gonzales character that Olmos is playing.

Ennilux Capo:
One thought I have is that they seem to be going toward learning more about Inhumans.  What if Robert Gonzales is the human name of Ennilux Capo the leader of the Inhuman Ennilux Corporation.
This would fit with the idea that the eyeless man in the last episode is the Inhuman Reader who is working for the Ennilux Corporation.

I believe many of the characters from the new series Inhuman could be used by the show.  Watch out for them to appear in some capacity.

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